About FanBASIC.org

If you watch Sam and Nia on YouTube then you already know we refer to our two million plus subscribers as “The FanBASIC.” This title is a play on the term ‘Fan-Base’ where BASIC is an acronym for Brothers And Sisters In Christ. This site was created exclusively for you, the FanBASIC.

Every day on Sam and Nia we remind you, as well as ourselves to love each other. We’re merely repeating the words of Jesus Christ in John 13:34 where he states, “And now I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” We know there are a lot of needs among the FanBASIC and since God has put us in a position to love others financially, FanBASIC.org is our way of not only discovering those who are in need but also providing for them.

As often as we are able, a submission/voting period will be open to the FanBASIC. These periods will be announced on Sam and Nia and sent out via email. Subscribe to the announcement emails on the home page. For each period, usually lasting one month, there is a designated fund provided by the private finances of Sam and Nia. Donations are currently not accepted. During the submission period, individuals and families among the FanBASIC will submit their needs with photos and plenty of information after which their submission will be publicly  displayed on the Listings page along will all other submissions for the FanBASIC to view and vote on. The periods available-fund is allotted by way of votes to a single or to multiple submissions.

Please prayerfully submit your needs and cast your votes. Thank you for being a part of the FanBASIC and for helping us love each other.

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