My husband lost his job over a month ago. He has been looking, filling out applications until late at night and also has three recruiters helping him. So far nothing. I have a seizure disorder and unable to work. My 19 year old daughter was in a massive car accident on December 7th. Thank God she is going to be ok, but we didn't have medical insurance at that time or now. I haven't been able go get my seizure medicine, we have very little food, and utilities are about to be shut off. The main worry right now is rent. So I am reaching out to you in need of rent and a little food if possible. I also pray that everyone who is asking for help receives a miracle and things get better for all of them. I know how incredibly stressful and depressing times are. Plus, I can't tell you the embarrassment her dad and I feel not being able to provide. I wish everyone love and peace. Thank you Sam and Nia for all you are doing.